Leaving Colorado // Live Stream(OVER) // 13ft Scamp Trailer

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  1. Check out Montreal Healthy Girl/parasites. She has a lot of great info on her channel and talks about several methods to get rid of parasites.

  2. Any plans to visit West Tennessee? If so, we'd love to recommend Paris Landing State Park on the Tennessee River. There's a restaurant and boat docks, plus a park and swimming area there. We could come visit. I'm a new subscriber.

  3. Could there be a cooler, hotTeR couple on YouTube? I think not! 💕 Barron describes a Shiba Inu absolutely perfectly ☺️ one of the coolest dogs I’ve ever owned, I called him Inu but apparently that wasn’t his name 🙄😂🤣 Love you three too much! Hope your Moab trip is euphoric and Northwest feeds your soul 😉💕🥰 Peace ✌🏼 ❤️

  4. Utah Tips; Moab is very busy/crazy and overrun with tourists and hard to find quiet /free camps nearby. City Market is a great place to stock up on healthy food tho. no other good food shops in SE Utah till you get to Boulder/ Escalante. Grand Staircase is Awesome, so is Capitol Reef in the out back areas. Little Wildhorse canyon is the most accessable and super fun slot to hike and free camping nearby. The Natl. parks are crowded but there are tons of other places to go. The road from Blanding to Hite and up to Hanksville is awesome. We spend a month every Sept. exploring SE Utah and have only scratched the surface.

  5. Very fun live stream, but on your road trip you are missing the 7th largest state in the nation with tons of BLM land and no people. 🙂 Most likely the parks in Utah will be really crowded. If Zion is crazy, head to Kolob Canyons. Good places in WY are Pinedale and the Wind River Range. Also check out Dillon, MT.

  6. I live about 1.5 hours from the Scamp Co.if you need a place to hold up, my yard is your yard. I live right on the Mississippi in St Cloud. We have great quarries to adventure/bike/hike. Safe travels. You guys inspire me and my Scampirino for some summer time adventures. Best wishes to the 3 of you.

  7. Subaru Baja owner over here 🙋🏻‍♀️

    It really is the ugliest little car and we love it SOO much! It has so much utility! Baja owners are always waving at each other on the road, it’s lovely. 😊

  8. In order for Elsa to become ”The girl with the dragon tattoo” you need to come and visit and explore Sweden 🇸🇪. So, welcome!!❤️ I’ll provide you with some kick ass bikes and leather pants!😃

  9. Hey Barron….i just watched what i missed on your LS….i'd Def check, pack and grease the bearings….you Never ever ever want those to 'lock up' while your cruising along at 60mph….all Hail would break loose : ) Stay Strong, G~

  10. In your journal write down a quote from The Secret….(when a woman named Rhonda recommends The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is A SIGN)😆 The secret is on Facebook and does lots of quotes or you could be old fashioned and by the book…..lots of utube videos on gratitude….good luck😇😇

  11. Hey! This is Meghan again… I'm in the SW corner of Montana and could definitely take Kamp while you go to the wedding. Just let me know. fiddling dot girl at gmail dot com will find me. As I said before, you can definitely use my backyard as a home base any time, as I back up to BLM which opens onto National Forest. Aaaaaand…Wyoming has some amazing camping too. I highly recommend going to Lander in Fremont County. Not only is NOLS based there, but there are fabulous public lands all around and some of the best rock climbing anywhere.

  12. Heyyy guys so happy to see you both i did miss ya'll live but im hoping to catch ya'll next one sometime. Its so great to see ya'll doing so good and always know you have love and support over here ya'll are my #1 youtubers and are actually the ones who got me into looking at youtube and trying it out for myself i dont really have much videos up at the moment but im working on my content and tons of videos on both my channels so please stay tuned its going to be face painting, diy's crafting, hauls, my life, cooking and some awesome giveaways i have something else in mind but i will keep it a little secret because its good and i want to make it a surprise for everyone lots of fun and excitement all love and unity in my channels. Thank you both for sharing with us all such beautiful videos and peaceful i just love ya'll content. Much love and many blessings sent ya'll way 💞🙏

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