Kingdom Come: Deliverance – More to Come

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was successfully released but there will be no rest for Warhorse Studios thus far! The new Patch 1.5 has over 200 bug fixes …


  1. It would be incredible if you guys added huge tournaments and festivals. I understand that there are limits to the scale of things you can create, but to be able to partake in a Lord's tournament to joust or be in a melee while the crowd is shouting insults or encouragement would be awesome. And perhaps when you didn't wish to participate in the tourney, you could watch from the crowd and gamble on knights. This game has infinite possibilities. Thank you for making the game that every medieval history nerd dreamt of for years.

  2. When can we expect act 2. LOVE the game but disappointed with the ending. Don't understand why one of the quests wants you to find the guy who killed your parents and avenge them. But game ends before you find him???

  3. I bought this game on release and despite the bugs I really enjoyed it. It was one of the craziest games I’ve ever played at the start. I liked the fact that Henry has absolutely no skill at all to begin with so it was difficult to make progress.

  4. i really really love the game and i hope you will continue to make more content for it and ultimately more games. the combat system is awesome and the realism is incredible. the only other things i could hope for are easier modding and better looking clothes.
    pls give us more. <3

  5. Could they add some wounds and cuts system where if you damage a particular part of the person you could see the damage you made recently. In the next development of the game of course love this game.

  6. Just a few things I have to say about my favorite game. I love this game, but there are some things that are annoying more then "I'm quite hungry". Please fix the women's hair. Braids or plaits or buns would do nicely, Women that worked on farms did not have their hair down and straggly in their faces. Also, why do the traders say " Good-bye" when they open up their inventory? They should say "Take a look, or Here you go". Just a suggestion. I love your work!

  7. I am hoping they work on a sequal and let it be set in England with all the nations trying to take control have Vikings it would be amazing the historic realism is amazing love the gameplay style one of my favorite Rpg's this year Thank you WH keep up the good work.

  8. I am loving the game so far especially because of the difficulty ,the game makes you think every move you make, because one mistake could kill you in seconds, an example I like to use is witcher 3, in hard mode even surrounded by 4 or 5 enemies I knew that it was possible to win ,but in KCD you have to think about what type of armor and weapon to use and what the enemy is using as well, so thank you Warhorse studios for this wonderful experience

  9. ***Spolier alert do not read this ** if you dont have finished the game *

    I Just wanna ask about ending of the game?
    This game is about vengeance but theres no vengeance the quest is still running but markvart is gone and the sword too… Do you planning the continue story? A real ending? I was really disapointed when i finish the game…
    This game is really awesome and i want my vengeance!! Please.

  10. U know..if u guys ever gonna make a new medieval game..may be u guys could make a game that take place in crusade era..or may be sengoku era…that would be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. your game is brilliant and I'm really looking forward to a sequel. Just promise us you'll never ever put any feminism your future-games and that you'll never ever lower yourselves to the sjw's standards. Please.

  12. I hope more games like this come out in the future. I hate how people denigrate the game for being "Only white" like I'm not white and I know that Europe was a white man's country during those times. that's common logic, so I thank the developers for staying true to history in certain aspects.

  13. Please fix combat. People are not glued to you in real fights and you can turn and attack SO fast compared to this game which constantly forces you to fight 3+ guys who look like they're weak af but really all perfect parry your every feints at sword/def level 20.

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