Kevin Jodrey – Business / Marketing Primer for Cannabis Cultivators

Kevin Jodrey presents a business and marketing survival playbook for cannabis farmers. How do you survive as a cannabis cultivator?


  1. "They" should allow the people to home grow larger numbers of personal use plants. Then we could pick more effective medicinal cultivars that yeild less, cultivars that are not appealing to commercial production facilities.

  2. Thanks and please give us more, I'm on the east coast and they're using west coast as a template to what's going to happen here and Kevin has a winning philosophy as well as knowing the successful strategy to not just survive but to grow along side the big boys(brother) that are, and will, take it over eventually thanks againβœŒπŸ’š

  3. two storage units left full of equipment half my clothes and equipment stolen for moving to colorado and paying rent bo way!!!!!!! The videos are up who needs somebody who can manage multiple plants here I am.

  4. Please more KEVIN JODREY, I can't get enough info from this guy. I absorb everything from him like a sponge, he is my favorite character in the industry. Please post more of him. Thank you.

  5. Loving these videos, thank you so much Future Cannabis Project! Kevin Jodrey is such an awesome guy, a great figure in the industry, incredibly knowledgeable and has so much experience under his belt. I love listening and watching everything he talks about and he let's people know it all, he isn't in the corner hogging it all thinking he's going to make millions, he wants to bring the entire cannabis cultivation culture and cannabis industry forward together!

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