Interstellar Travel: Approaching Light Speed

Is interstellar travel doomed to remain in the realm of science fiction? Sticking to near future space propulsion only, how close can we get to the speed of light?


  1. When you talk about the speeds of the different probes like Helios 2 (moving at 252,792 km/h) is that speed relative to earth or to the sun?

  2. Excellent data…!
    I understand the need for your metric analysis. But would you please add imperial conversion for those of us who are not metric savvy.
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  3. If light was actually massless it wouldnt’ve been able to be pulled into black holes. While it’s technically massless, it isn’t exactly without mass, but it’s light enough not to collapse in on itself while travelling at C.

  4. light doesnt have unlimited energy so how does it acheive "light speed"? people used to say we couldnt go faster then the speed of sound as well… think about it
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  5. At light speed you would not pass stars up that quick ! It takes eight minutes for light to get to our planet. To pass stars that quick you would need to be going a dozen times faster than light.

  6. I just don't understand the gravitational "slingshot" effect because I don't get why once the object flings away from the gravitation body why that body doesn't impose the opposite effect by dragging on the object and therefore eliminating the gains one the object moves away.

  7. If we to travel much faster than light, our flesh seems to be the final barrier. But the next dimension could be to travel by spirit without boundaries at all, and at destination re materialize our body

  8. Voyager: trying jupiter to YEET for gravity assist
    Jupiter: see voyager in eliptical orbit
    Jupiter: okay but stay in my orbit
    Voyager: okay giggle
    Jupiter YEET
    Voyager: leave jupiter into outer space
    Jupiter: not again!

  9. This is why you steal an alien's spaceship: so you can go faster by warping space and time through its antigravity propulsion and advanced "psionic quantum probability" computer technology and holographics. 😎

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