1. I wish someone would edit the comments (and the replies within the comments) to remove all of the ones that veer off into arguing about religious beliefs and attacking and insulting others' religions. I don't care if you're Muslim, Jewish, Christian or a Pagan, this is not the place to attack and insult other religions or brag about yours. Nor are religious beliefs relevant to the video or discussion, which are about the benefits of stimulating the vagus nerve

  2. Thank you for explaining
    My son has complex epilepsy (lennox gastaut). He’s getting the VNS device that stimulates the vagus nerve. Hoping it will work. There’s actually lots of proof it works. It’s been around over 20 years.

  3. The Vagues Nerve is connected & runs through the 7 Chakras which is the 7 small glands that attached to 6 organs. Also known as the Endocrine System. Pituitary & Pineal (3rd eye) in the Brain, Thyroid in the Throat Thymus on the Heart, Solar Plexus on Pancreas, the Sacral Chakra connected to the Sexually Organs & the Adrenal Gland attached to the Kidney organs. This is known in ancient culture long ago as the main current from gut to brain. 

    Cold showers stimulate the Nerve, best in morning, hot showers at night. They are also stimulated through music, food, yoga, meditation It's essential that we sit feet parallel to hips when eliminating waste aka shitting. Digestive system must be completely straight to fully eliminate waste or it will build up over time. 10-20 years can give you lbs/kgs of waste.

    Anyways, that's why it's good to have this intelligent connection to live more vibrantly. Singing is also one of the most powerful ways of cleansing, purifying & liberating ourselves from the world things. Hope this helped, bless up

  4. So when you say meat are you talking about the meat from fruit which is the original meaning of meat or you talking about the cognitive dissonance implied by the word meet which is supposed to suggest slices layers chunks of animal flash muscle tendons Etc cuz if you're picking the ladder you're intentionally misleading people because that's not what it is and you do it because it's something you enjoy doing and just so you know chronic wasting disease rabies and mad cow disease are all the same thing and you better start doing your homework as a doctor because it's your responsibility after having made a oath to the Hippocrates Creed the original not the one that has been thoughts 2 give out nothing but the truth so help you God and once you commit to being a physician that any person who comes to you for assistance whether that's through YouTube or personal practice that you see their health all the way through even if you don't know something and you never stop learning if you're teaching and you think you know everything there is to know and you're not still educating clearly you know nothing the other thing is it's a properties as the father of medicine and we know him to be that and what does he say let thy food not die animals be thy medicine and let thy medicine be thy food sometimes I'm really irritated by people who are leading others straight to their grave and that's exactly what I see misinformation as doing part truth is complete lie

  5. I see a PT who specializes in visceral manipulation who stimulated my vagus nerve…suffered with billiary spasms after gallbladder removal….Thank you Dr. Berg for explaining in other videos about the bile salts…im going to purchase them…I take a great digestive enzyme, but sometimes,struggle with that right shoulder pain and right sided neck and head pain…Thank you!!!

  6. Dr Berg, please when speaking on the vagus nerve include the great achievements of Wim Hof, the iceman. He can control his organs with his mind through controlling his vagus nerve.
    I started taking only cool to cold showers. I used to have very cold hands and feet, but about a month ago I resigned myself to only taking cool to cold showers. My body has warmed up my hand are rarely cold. I am happier, I have less fat on my belly, I don’t stay angry at my husband. Literally I feel like at the age of 65, I have finally grown up.
    So if you talk about the vagus nerve, please include all the current information.
    But I love your information. It is consistently good science not the info from the industrial medical complex that is leading us down the wrong road.
    Thank you Dr. Berg

  7. very interesting I have gastro paresis IBS, chronic fatigue syndrome and factor 5 v-lieden. I've done a lot of hospital time and not 1 doctor has ever mentioned any of this except the stimulator. luckily I changed my diet and listen to sleep videos which practices the breathing technique. Thank u for this video. Hope you can educate Gastro doctors one this. I'm starting to have problems with my pancreas maybe this applied during waking hrs can help instead of just before sleeping. wish they were doing studies on this I would volunteer. Thank You

  8. Dr Berg is a good roll model for promoting good health.
    He's + 50s and looks youthful and healthy.
    Most 50s I know look tired and wrecked.

  9. Do you think that electrode thing to stimulate the vagus nerve for a migraine is better than IV meds of phernganx benadryl, and toradol? I have to sometimes go to ER for that combo in IV when it gets really really bad.

  10. Just watched something that stated the vagus nerve is also known to be connected to all the 7 charkras inside the body. This should help out for people who wants to have a visual and scientific evidence why things work out the way they do.

  11. 1. Breathing slow , 6 breaths per minute with equal inhale and exhale
    2. Long walks with meditative mindset
    3. Potassium, magnesium, sodium,
    4. Acupressure
    5. Other ideas that I’ve found useful are: meditation, cold showers, ice baths, Wim Hof, Buteyko breathing, chi gong, yoga, massage,

  12. Just so U know
    I personally appreciate your “Hand” demonstration for acupressure points
    And the pressure to them and massaging of the opposite sides of the pain issues for relief
    Possible thyroid
    And pancreas
    R involved
    Trying to avoid gallbladder removal bc of stones
    And dissolve them
    Doing the breathing too
    Taking potassium and the u named
    Thank u for your help
    To all even though cannot afford your regime
    U still give help for those to help themselves
    God bless u for that
    Really appreciate that

  13. Parenthetically, I found out about the Vagus Nerve after sinus surgery when the office assistant was tasked with pulling the packing gauze from my sinus cavities.  The Vagus Nerve was triggered and suddenly I felt very light headed and knew that I was passing out. I managed to tell the girl what was happening and she ran and got the medical technician who laid me down and applied cold compresses. My spouse, a Master Degree nurse that had directed an E.R. before moving into Quality Improvement, was sitting in the waiting room and sensed something was going on, but was never told so was unable to help.

  14. I've been having an issue with gas trapped in my left side of the chest, along with needle pains and dizzinness especially during strenuous exercise. Ive had 3 nuclear stress tests done, all types of ekgs, xrays, blood work and everything has come back normal. Right now I'm at the point I cant do light exercise with me getting really dizzy and excessive gas in left side of the chest.
    I even had a doctor look into my digestive system. All normal.

    Went to different doctors and all seemed puzzled.

    I wonder if it has to do with issues with the vagus nerve?


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