How To Make Hash Butter or Kief Butter

How do you make hash butter, or otherwise known as kief butter, at home? We got the hashish experts together and got their favorite recipe for cannabis butter, …


  1. Let's correct some bad information in some of the other comments here.
    1. Yes, you have to decarb it. Lab testing shows best results (for a THC rich decarb) at 240 degrees for 40 min.
    2. Yes, you should use water. This way you'll be far less likely to burn your butter. But most importantly, any contaminants in your hash/kief (like leaf matter, chlorophyll, stray hairs, bits of dirt/dust), and there are DEFINITELY some contaminants in there, will migrate to the water, not the butter, and settle at the bottom of the container, giving you the cleanest, nicest butter possible. Butter made without water is green and gritty and gross.

  2. While the water boils, crumble the keif, this is totally misleading…. Some of us would have erroneously put the keif into the WATER at this stage… For that you must be called an….. Nevermind!

  3. I went back and try the recipe without the water it worked great just leave the water out of the recipe oxycarbonate my phone won't spell it right your hash or kief 4 between 2 and 4 hours the longer the better and it makes great butter just leave out the water my cookies were killer

  4. If you do not decarb your product you will waste it! This process sucks ass and does not need the water. A double boiler will do nicely. But first decarb that kief or hash. Boiling or simmering never achieves the 240 degrees F that you need to decarb.

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