1. Great video bro. Have you ever considered picking your stock picks for earning calls? I think we all can analyze together and see what the odds are. We all could benefit massively

  2. Could you please let us know what platform you began trading on before you had $25,000 which is a requirement for most places. Or what would you recommend for beginners right now, as in the platform

  3. If i follow the strategy and its pre market, can i buy the day before and then sell the next day, because of the premarket report? Or is it always going to droo down because of sell of when the market opens? I hope the question makes sense.

  4. first paper trade on plus500 wallmart looks like its a goer? Total revenue was $122.7 billion, an increase of $5.1 billion, or
    4.4%. Excluding currency2
    , total revenue was $120.7 billion, an
    increase of $3.2 billion, or 2.7%.

  5. i have been a follower for a while now and i think this is the best help i have ever saw online, Tim Sykes always saying i will teach ANYONE, for a small fee of $100 per month! CMON the Kur!

  6. Brilliant video my friend. Is there any way to learn more about this method. On how to read and understand the reports to determine a trade. Like what to look out for? You make it look so simple 😂😂

  7. I'm confused because when I look at the 8-k from 2/28/18, everything says it increased. "Net sales for the 2017 fourth quarter increased 7.5 percent to $810.4 million from $753.8 million in the same period last year.  Gross sales for the 2017 fourth quarter increased 10.1 percent to $934.8 million from $848.8 million for the same period last year." The stock was at $63.96 (2-28 14:00) than this report came out and in 24-hours (3-01 14:00) it went down to $54.06. Why did this happen in your opinion? The report said everything increased? Just trying to learn this, been a subscriber from the beginning

  8. Zaid like another one of your subscribers below I also went in on ADI and had my biggest lost so far.

    Is the loses down to the Dow etc. been down 300 and the continuing sell off?

    Is there any other tips you have for picking stocks or another one of the 99% videos

    The problem I’m having lately is the stock has a good earnings, could be up 2dollars pre macket, buy market order and the stock opens high and doesn’t reach them highs again so it will be a lost.

    Would it be better to wait a minute into the stock market and then buy once the high is gone and take the next smaller high?

    I have seen how your strategy works and made small profits but it is there something I am missing with the markets been down


  9. I couldn’t find the comment button on one of your earlier videos from October last year. Your are live demonstration when you bought delta stock after the earnings report came out. I just got a little lost at the end I was curious on how much profit did you make on that trade?

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