GTA 5 What Will Happen If I Shut Down My Business Online

What Will Happen If I Shut Down My Business Or Restart My Business in GTA 5 Online. Everything you need to know about the new GTA 5 Biker DLC …


  1. Dude… Just get to the FCKN POINT! jesus fckn christ! Yada yada yada yada yada!
    Here is what happens, thank you very much for watching, good bye!

    My blood started boiling from watching this video, i swear to god.

  2. This video didn't answer much. Do you have to redo all of the upgrades again if you were to restart your business? I don't have time to do many resupply missions, so I purchase supplies for most of my businesses, but my Document Forgery business doesn't make much more than the cost of supplies, plus it just adds to my missions I have to do. I want to shut it down so I am not paying staff, or rent or whatever, but hesitant if I will lose all my upgrades.

  3. Thanks for showing this video actually, I was planning to use my mc businesses again, because I shut them down because I thought LJT can stop calling, so I had this plan and I restocked all of my businesses but the staff never arrived, until you showed me you would have to shut it down and press RESTART! I just restocked it.. thanks for the help!

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