1. What I use to prevent cancer is: bone broth, 3,000 mcg selenium daily,

    Turkey Tail mushroom, A.U.T., from Dr. Joel Wallach, 877-912-7529, 1pm.

    eat right 4 my blood type, Fasting 3 days a week,

    I had mumps & measles, so

    I have life time IMMUNITY !!!

    Cool. I can't give anyone mumps or measles. You are safe.
    I am safe.
    Those of you who want vaccines , cool,

    and if you still get the disease from the vaccine,
    that is on you.

    Many people have DNA defects , that if injected, will trigger autism.

    Why no studies comparing unvaccinated with vaccinated?

    No one has died from measles in the US in 9 years, because of better

    nutrition, minerals, vitamin C, sanitation, education, etc.

    Myelin Sheath does not fully develop around the brain & nerves in boys until age 8,

    and girls about age 5. Meaning we should not inject mercury vaccines into the bodies of young children before their myelin sheath has formed.

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