Episode 2 – Can you Grow Cannabis for Medical Use in the United Kingdom?

Niamh Eastwood, Executive Director of Release explains how the law in the United Kingdom can affect someone growing cannabis for medical use. For the …


  1. And yet the uk exports legal medical cannabis at 2.1 tons a year to country’s that have legalised cannabis for both medical and recreational use yet we get nicked for medical use

  2. Harm as a prosecution issue in a medical case? Do they take account of the harm to the person of not having the cannabis? I doubt it… it is a law built on hypocrisy, for sure, and the hypocrisy becomes more evident year by year.

  3. 3 strikes n out just like the americans BE AWARE PEOPLE OF THE UK THAT THIS THREE STRIKES N OUT SITUATION DOESNT JUST COME UNDER THE LAWS OF PRODUCTION OR CULTIVATION this concern,s each law broken no matter what it is etcetc such as shoplifting breach of peace and the list is endless .when you hit the 3rd strike you are considered as having total disrespect off u .k law as a whole and will determine a custodial sentence in most if not all law in the u.k YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

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