Eating EXPIRED Foods – Scary Pregnancy Cravings

Kristen has some weird pregnancy cravings that have her eating expired food. SUBSCRIBE so you won’t miss anything (plus it’s free): …


  1. Dates on products are required by law to only extend to a specific length, I believe this is 1 or 2 years maximum. This is regardless of the product, its container, how well it is sealed etc. Some products are still good for much longer than the posted date on the packaging. However common perishables should be taken into closer consideration. These dates do not always state when they go bad, but will often state the date of guaranteed quality. Both for legal and product quality purposes.
    In most cases, canned or dried products will last far beyond the date on the label, however close inspection of the product and the quality of the container should be taken into consideration prior to use.

  2. Lol! I just found Alaska day 295 you were craving popcorn with Chell! And the popcorn was expired too! You guys are awesome! 🙂 Hugs Been a fan for years!

  3. Somehow it is always cute to see how people are worried that the food is bad when the date has passed.
    With this the companies only secure themselves that a quarantine has to be to this date in order to avoid lawsuits. The expiration date (it´s called right? I´m sorry english isn´t my language) comes after this date and is individual. Just try it yourself if food is still good or not (see, smell, taste …)
    So don´t worry if the date has passed 😀

  4. In recent vlogs Cory is absent almost all the time. It's just baby and Kristen and usually at home. This channel changed a lot from what it was in Alaska. I'm a bit sad.

  5. Many times the expiration date is put on by the manufacturer themselves. If it doesn't smell or taste bad or stale, or look weird, you can generally be safe. Especially with "pure" foods like grains.

  6. If it is Nathan, I will definitely cry on the baby name reveal. I can’t wait to find out!! Are you getting any ultra sound pictures soon to see him?

  7. I got Mark out of it so I assume it's still there because it's his middle name and as for names I got 3 possibillities. Alex mark, Bently Mark and Lewis mark

  8. I’m gonna say the little boy’s name is gonna start with a K
    Cory starts with a C, Chell starts with a C . Kristen starts with a K . Now just what name that starts with a K

  9. I work in a multiage classroom so we have 3 year olds to almost 6 year olds and the differences in ages always make such a difference it’s very cool to see

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