1. Ugh the story about the guy who got fish in his finger reminded me of when I got a sliver of glass in my toe and ended out with a half-ping-pong-ball-sized lump on my toe. My dad told me several times to let him slice it open with a razer blade to drain it. I obviously refused because even at like 6 I wasn't a moron. Went to the doctors, got (horrible tasting) medicine, got better within 2 weeks. He asked every time the infection hurt. No thanks…

  2. A lot of these are just people waiting too long to see a doctor. If you live in America, that's understandable. Even IF you have health insurance, there's still a chance that it won't cover w/e you have to go to the ER for. So you wait to see if it heals on it's own.
    My brother had an ingrown toenail so bad, it was like his toe was scalping itself. But we waited weeks after it got too bad to deal with on our own, because our health insurance didn't cover it at the time.
    Going to the hospital is fu^king expensive here.

  3. holy shit that first story, first of all a poultice is supposed to be made of medicinal plants, and unless you dominate the fuck out of that subject, I'd advise against just fucking "oh you know i chewed up some moss and mixed it with stagnant pond scum and shoved it in my open wound, because natural remedy™"

  4. Not a doctor, but still have a good story.
    I used to be a beauty therapist and one day a lady comes for pedicure. I look at her feet and it's brown. Not like colored brown but burned to the point where her skin was just a huge scab and some places had flesh sticking out. I asked her what happened. Her reply? '10 years ago (!) I heard someone mentioning that iodine was used for hallux removal as it was melting bones or something like it. Last week I noticed hallux forming on my feet so I bought a whole bottle and poured the whole bottle on my feet and wrapped it with food wrap and put my socks on and left it for like 30 minutes. I don't know what went wrong.' I asked her if it wasn't burning and she said it did, but she was sure it meant it was working. And no, she haven't been in doctor's office. To make it 'funnier', she wanted paraffine on her feet because she heard it was good for skin.
    Where the heck people get those ideas

  5. Not really that serious (to me atleast) but when I was about 14 my bottom wisdom teeth started growing in and they were freaking painful. I didnt grow up with a lot of money and my mom didnt have dental insurance so we couldnt afford to go to the dentist to have them checked out. When I was 17 I finally got fed up with them constantly getting inflamed and hurting when I ate so I went down to the public library (we didnt have a computer) and looked up the different things that could be wrong with wisdom teeth (impacted, pushing up against other teeth, not enough jaw space warranting removal, ect) after like a week of research I came to the conclusion that mine just didnt fully grow out and my jaw had enough space to house them, they were just essentially half way poking through my gums. So I went to the store, bought a straight edge razor, some hydrogen peroxide and cotton balls. Went home, cleaned the area as best as a 17 year old knows how(brushed teeth, mouthwash, rubbing alcohol) then cut the gums from on top and around my wisdom teeth with the razor as neatly as possible, yes it hurt but I sucked it up. Stuck some hydrogen peroxide soaked paper towels in my mouth till the bleeding stopped, then stuffed cotton balls in the back of my mouth for the next 3 days, switching them every few hours. 2 years later I had to do it again for my top wisdom teeth cause they grew in later.

    They healed up fine and never bothered me again. I could finally eat a meal without my gums freaking torturing me. 🤷🏽‍♀️ and I got to keep all 4 of my wisdom teeth, so that's a plus.

  6. I’m a nurse and used to work at my county’s Health Department. We saw a lot of people for STDs. We had a woman come in who ended up having genital herpes but didn’t know that at first. She had read online to cure bumps “down there” you could make a paste out of crushed aspirin and apply it to the area. She had so much of this dried, caked on paste that the provider made her go home and soak in the tub to try and remove it before she could be tested. Apparently it took several soaks to remove it enough for testing. This paste also caused lots of irritation to her skin and made everything much worse.

  7. Feels like the dude with maple syrup was close. If he used honey instead it might have actually been a pretty good remedy, since honey can kill off bacteria and has definitely been used in ancient Egypt. Might depend on the severity of the wound tho.

    Correct me if wrong 🙂

  8. I know a guy who injured his knee, he had a chipped bone. He got incredibly high on painkillers, cut open his own knee with knives, cut away the chipped bone and fixed it back up, he turned out completely fine and saved thousands, craziest mother fucker i know.

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