Complete $300 Budget Grow Tent Build – Discrete Closet Grow

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  1. I have a small tent, own my house, no need to be discrete as family is aware and it is legal here. Under those circumstances do I really need the carbon filter for only a couple of plants?

  2. Very interesting video and very helpful. If I am looking to break the cost up, is it possible to get the grow tent, led light and fan first and then get the carbon filtration kit a month or so later or is it imperative to get it all at once?

  3. Hey I have an urgent important question. Is the humidifier that you have in your description that you use in your other video have leaking problems? Or have you experienced any problems? I just ordered myself one and I’m hoping it’s a good buy that I won’t regret haha 😅

  4. I just subbed. As a smoker I've been wanting to try growing and after watching tons of vids you seem to know what your doing and you have a knack for no bullshit straight to the point answers!!..well done young man!

  5. What do you recommend using as a bug/particle barrier on your intake tubing? I’ve been looking for a good one but haven’t been coming up with much. I’m gonna need something like that because of where the tent will be located. Would it work if I just use the exhaust fan and fans inside with the passive intake vents that already have mesh and no intake fan at all? I’m working with a 36x36x72 vivosun tent and I plan to get a 6” vivosun exhaust fan and filtration kit. I’ll be using LED lighting so nothing super hot. Probably gonna run 4, 3-gallon pots with autos. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

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