Cannabis Bunker Secret Location in a Quarry Bunker EXCLUSIVE 4k BUSTED AWE!

The police left most of the grow room equipment left behind so we have to keep the location secret so people done a. steal the equipment and b. dont trash this …


  1. He says at the end… lime? I'm sure that can be used to lower the ph. To which his mate impulsively answered I just use ph and stopped before saying down remembering he was on camera😂gotta love how forgetful us stoners can be😂😂

  2. Just tried to enter but its been very well padlocked. Also felt a bit mean because we scared the people living on the lane who thought we were burglars at first. The mine entrance is off a private drive.

  3. The tunnels were used by the war office in 1939, then by heinz to grow mushrooms for mushroom soup lol, the two beds you found belongs to the two guys that were arrested, it was their set up, the quarry was abandoned, it was originally used for extracting limestone.

  4. Found it. I know you guys don't want to say the location, but it was all over the press, as it was the UK's biggest factory. So delete the link if you want, but it's easy to find.

    PUBLISHED: 09:10, 29 September 2018

  5. If i can recall, they got sentenced about 12-18 months ago and got busted at least a year before they got sent down? As the 2 guys where from Vietnam, and where so scared of talking and being got at. I think the police struck a deal and the 'gardeners' got a very light sentence and new identities. I think the bunker had been used for a film set, then the guy turned it into a weed factory. OR what I'm talking about, is a completely different bunker. But i think it's this one, as the police did say they left a lot of equipment there. It was supposed to be completely sealed up, lol.

  6. Is this the place where the 'gardeners' where 2 guys from Vietnam? The boss and his 2 right hand men got nicked as well. The boss actually brought this bunker legally. But I'm not 100% on the location. The police reported they where just living off rice and pasta, as the 2 gardeners where locked in the bunker. They wouldn't talk to the cops at first. I think the location was Whiltshire. Correct me if I'm wrong, as might be another bunker?

  7. You can guarantee the big boss didn't live and work there, modern day slavery springs to mind, they didn't come from Surbia or wherever to set up a cannabis factory, they were probably forced to live in those conditions to pay off the debt for their transport to the UK, they also use children in these places 😥😥, enjoyed the vid though 😁

  8. Check out Frank's channel . Exploring Abandoned Mines . He has a safety rule . Always stay to the right . This will help you avoid getting lost and find your way out . Great Video . Thanks

  9. Great video Matt, but Serbia is in southeastern Europe and nowhere near Russia, plus there are no wars going on there now. 😉 The Balkans are a very beautiful part of the world. Belgrade (or Beograd) is Serbia's capital… 😀

  10. Here we go.This will be a great explore With the maine man Matthew. Great introduction as always. Great underground find and Setup they must have had a big business under here. Re edit with the face and thumb thumbs up 😷👍

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