Belly Gets VERY REAL & Honest On Palestine/Israel Relations, Mental Health, & Immigration

Belly gets into a very honest interview with Ebro in the Morning on a Immigration, Palestine/Israel relations, makes a revelation about his own mental health and …


  1. Obviously belly is being very reserved about his thoughts and belelifs on the Palestinians horrible occupation. He definitely has alot more to say and you could see it .

  2. p.s. the Israeli government just got a lot worse the passed something called חוק הלאום which roughly translates to Nationality Law which basically creates some sort of division between races in Israel giving the jews a Grade A title while Arabs get the grade B citizen title, Hoping to throw off the PM in this year's elections and getting our dignity back, Hopefully
    shout out to Belly a great inspiration for all of us here, Hopefully, I'll get to meet you someday…

  3. A 2013 Pew poll conducted in thirty-nine countries found strong support for Islam in politics and for harsh punishments for crimes such as theft, adultery, and conversion away from Islam.

    Keep your filthy religion away from the modern world. Palestine will never be free

  4. there is no such a thing as palestine. Philistines are just ancient greek roman sea folk came to israel to take their country. But they have no relation with those palestinians today. Britain named them after ancient philistines becouse of politics. The so called palestinians are just arabs from libanon, iraq,syria,moroco and so on. Just look at their last names. im not even jewish, but we have to face the reallity

  5. It's already Written. Good luck Zionists because if you think your crimes aren't going to answered to.. think again. Your punishment will come in this life and twice as bad in the next. Allah is coming and so is Mahdi. Enjoy it whilst it lasts.

  6. this dude is too real for the industry. i sympathize with more as an afghan canadian and i remember witnessing his come up collabing with guys like massari. i hope he can continue to make a living and not have deal with the politics

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