Barrett Wilbert Weed's Vocal Range (E3 – A5 – B5)

The ICONIC Barrett Wilbert Weed’ with her extended belting vocal range. Known for originating the role of Veronica Sawyer in Heathers: The Musical, along her …


  1. Nothin like making myself insecure night before an audition by watching this, bonus points if i’m singing beautiful from heathers making me tonight’s big winner of losers


  2. I go to my head voice at like G4 or A4. Yep. Then there's this range when I'm really quiet, then I progressively get louder from D6 to A6. Above that is screeching. Below that, down to maybe a F3 or E3, it is kinda loud, getting at its peak at maybe D4 or E4. Then it just gets quieter, but still with its same intensity.

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