Ask the King Ep. 75: March 28, 2019 pt1 – Meals/Diet, Pot Products, Battle Royale as a "Fad"

Please consider leaving me a tip!: Topics in this part: 5:20 Favorite types of meals? 9:08 Where would I archive/upload my …


  1. ok , so am I hearing this correct, he is italian, his mom is half italian and half polish, what is his dad? with name like Burnell, how does that make him italian? unless his dad was adopted, or was the name changed from like Burnelli. He never mentioned what his dads nationality is.

  2. Yeah. Just do one each quarter for now. If there's not enough questions, twice a year. I think your time is better spent streaming more gameplay, or trying something new to get more viewers.

  3. Your comments about Ninja are ignorant. He was a professional Halo 2 player. The guy has been in the gaming scene for a very long time and has paid his dues. He didn't get 'lucky', he busted his ass putting out content and streaming games.

  4. I really enjoy Ask the King, please keep doing it. I am a long time YouTube viewer that can't regularly watch the twitch streams, so Ask the King is really helpful for me.

    Also, could you consider bringing back the week in preview? I always enjoyed watching them.


  5. I’d surely like to see Ask the King continue. It’s a good variety from just gameplay videos. If need be, you could answer more questions instead of leaving out or even answer ones from old atks you haven’t yet.

  6. About the exercise thing, if you do end up getting equipment for the home, would setting up equipment in front of a camera be possible? Or maybe have two cameras you can switch POV on the fly during a stream?
    Maybe you can have special donation goals if you hit a number, you do an exercise on camera. A short one that's only a few reps, or something.

  7. I think you should still do Ask the King, but keep reminding people, questions during a normal stream, you're only gonna give short answers and not answer complex questions on normal streams.
    Let people know if they want long, drawn out answers and well thought out answers to let the know the link to the forums and post on Ask The King board. Mention that you DO go on the forums and read posts.
    Some people think you don't go on the forums anymore and read posts. I know you do cause you've read the Minecraft posts I made.

  8. Damn! 2 parts today, we are lucky lol. Was just watching episode 74 earlier today. Thanks Phil for the great content!

    Edit: I really, really enjoy Ask the king and I’d be incredibly sad to see it go. I miss the TKOH reviews too, they used to be so great. I’m hoping for more edited content and also Q&A stuff since it’s good variety from just a raw let’s play

  9. Can’t wait for ask the king I missed it today it should be epic as always thanks for all the hours of fun videos and gameplay and I just wanna say thanks for all of the awesomeness . I really enjoy the Daily content and streams you put out and keep being awesome.

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