A One Hour Journey Through the 12 Steps with Tommy Rosen

Tommy Rosen, author of Recovery 2.0 and founder of the Recovery 2.0 membership website explains the 12 Steps, debunking its myths and …


  1. “Single most important book of the 20th Century”. I could not agree more! In May, 2019 I will have 25yrs of continuous sobriety. Without question, recovery has been the greatest adventure of my life! Best wishes to you!

  2. This is very helpful, but once I noticed the smacking in between sentences, it slowly drove me crazy. Full disclosure, I have misophonia pretty bad. Good content and talk, though. Thanks!

  3. Good stuff Tom.
    I believe the Oxford Groups had an influence, and played a role in creating about 4 steps or so, that were later expanded, and clarified.
    Thanks for sharing. 😉

  4. thank you so much for helping me better understand the 12 steps, I am walking the path and you are helping me so much. So much gratitude for your generosity and your tremendous gift to this world. This video is going to be my companion on my path towards recovery.

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