1. Bless your hearts always hurrying. Cynthia you need a basket by your chair to put all your morning get-ready items in. Just drop them back in when you are done and you will always know where they are. Tommy you should carry portable small food items that are soothing to the stomach in your bag so you can eat on the go. An empty stomach in the morning may be adding to your heartburn and the stress you probably produce more stomach acid. It would probably help when you get up to at least eat a couple bites before you smoke or drink coffee. I love you two are so real.

  2. So sorry for all the BS your going through….the medical insurance is so screwy…down here in Puerto Rico we have waited over 8 hours in the doctors appointment, yes we had an appointment….hoping things get better for you and you both start feeling better….please let us know what elf lipstick you were using……keep up with the since of humor, it helps us through hard times!!!!

  3. Poor Tommy with them wanting him to do more test….
    Cynthia, you seem so stressed! All the "F'n this and that"….😟
    To lighten things up you are eating one of my favorite cereals…LOL.. chocolate rice crispies…YUM!
    I didn't mention it before, but I like the paper lantern.😉
    Love yas,
    👑Debbie & Cloia💞

  4. " I haven't ran in God knows when"😂😂 good Lord, they made him run?😐 I run if on fire, or being chased, even then it's questionable. Great job tommy your a machine.// castor oil grows your lashes and brows also.

  5. I’m stressed when I’m in a hurry as well. Usually when I got to go to a doctor and have to rush. Trying to catch up with your videos, I been behind watching them.

  6. Hey Cynthia & Tommy! Great video. I hope you both are having a better day today. Just one thing after the other seems. Life right? iPhones Omg will give you the biggest headache . Have a wonderful day!😊

  7. If he passed the treadmill at his age, there is no way he needs the other test. I almost died doing the nuclear test years ago. Went down immediately. It was so horrible. They make you sign your life away for that thing. It’s dangerous. You are doing the right thing. They just want the money…they’re milking it. Find a different doctor.

  8. Whayever happened to sending letters of your results or phone calls. Now you have to do all that just to find your results thats not right. Anyway hope all goes well with you guys!!! God bless!!!

  9. I love you and your husband! You look Beautiful! Your skin in really perfect. Look back at your videos, especially in the last week and notice how great your skin looks!! I have listened to a lot of your videos and I know you like Clinique moisturizer… What have you used most consistently to have such a great complexion? Your husband loves you so much and he is a very hard worker.

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