30 Year Old Legend Gracefully Ends His Tetris 99 Career Before It Gets Sad [Episode 31/32]

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  1. 20:37 "The time has come for the glorious "come from in front" victory. Nobody ever calls it that. It's always 'Oh, they came from behind'. Nah. I don't play like that. You're gonna see me comin'. You're gonna hear t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t and the garbage meter's gonna fill up. You're gonna be jugglin' one ball, two balls, three balls, four balls, three bowling balls, six machetes- now they're on fire. What are you gonna do? Perish. Thanks for the bonus."

    -NL, 2019

  2. 3:15 "Most of the time if it's a multiplayer game I'm 100% fighting for my life at all times."
    Flashback to the PUBG series where ryab would spend half the episode trying to climb a rooftop or play around with a door at any opportunity.

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