2019 Lawn Care Program | Early Spring (Cycle 1)

This video provides a recap of my lawn care success in 2018 and explains what I have planned for 2019. It’s going to be a year of testing! All for the sake of …


  1. Just found your channel, good advice and good videography! I can't believe how many people all around the country use milorganite, even at $15 a bag. Like you said that oceangrow will be almost the same as any other similar organic. As long as the npk analysis is what you are looking for your good to go. I like the lawn calendar, that seems like a fantastic idea. Looking forward to more videos and your fert tests!

  2. Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
    We're so glad you could attend Come inside, come inside
    There behind a glass
    Stands a real blade of grass
    Be careful as you pass
    Move along, move along…
    Great tune by ELP amd good luck with the lawn.

  3. Absolutely love your ideas!! Can’t wait to see more videos from you this season! I’m going to tell my friends about you and your great last season so that can also follow along this season!

  4. I like that you’re putting the next products on that side. It has a slope or you’ve had an issue there in the past if I remember correctly. They should really help that area thrive.

  5. Michigan here.
    1:27 ❤️ Rule number 1. Personally, I refuse to spend money watering my lawn. I grow tall and spot water where needed.

    I hate the low reel mowing craze. It wastes so much water and money. But that's the person's personal preference.

    Also love the Enya style intro music.

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