2019 All organic outdoor grow

Just some of the things im using. I am cheap as possible and look for alternative organic methods that produce the same great outcome as high priced items sold …


  1. Why only 6 plants are you not medical and can you have 6 in Veg and 6 in flower for a total of 12 in California or is it Stanislaus county only allowing you 6 plants nice dog I have A black&Tan Shepherd want to mate he still A virgin and full blooded✌️

  2. Yo Red lol lets get it EH……sub'd ya friend of Twiz is a friend of Nono, and thanks for visitng and lets GET IT….nice supply of treats to puff on, 1 in the air bro cheers😜🍻👊🔥🔥💨💨💨

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