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  1. My door #3 turned out to be putting my I track bites app set to points plus. When I first started ww it was freestyle and I lost a pretty good amount be I ended up eating a bunch of zero point foods most days. So anyway I lost a lot of inches, I was also working out 3-4 x a week and felt great but then month after month I either lost nothing or gained still loosing inches but less. I stopped ww online just because of budget reasons in January. And did I bites way less$$ so I was on Instagram and some girls were talking about how they have hit a wall and we’re going to go back to points plus. I set my tracker to that and this is my first week not even a full week, but I feel I am eating more healthy more thought full in my choices and basically not just living off zero points. I’m hoping this gets me back where I can not be so nervous each week to weigh and knowing that my exercise is going to keep me at a healthy life. I completely understand what you are talking about we all know how to lose weight so why not think of other options. Sorry this was a long comment, longest ever but I want you to know that I love your channel I have a few favorites but I like the ones where people are real and enjoy that about yours. Have a great day.

  2. Very refreshing honestly… You are very inspirational =) I'm at lifetime also. Sometimes I wonder what to do now…and sometimes I let the scale distract me WHEN I FEEL TOTALLY FINE! Then I wonder why I let it get to me. It truly can be a struggle sometimes. I love your posts. I'm not going anywhere. Thank you for being so….real. Wish you the best Mindy! <3

  3. I can understand what you are saying. I’m going to add Itrackbites into my routine next month to compare how many calories I’m consuming. WW has givin me so many tools. I have so many new habits that I didn’t have before WW. I thank that program for that and always will. But I don’t follow the plan on things that don’t work for my body. Like eating zero point foods when I’m out of points. I have to have a stop button. I also have to go walking daily. Right now I’m maintaining my weight. I want to drop a few more pounds that’s why I’m adding Itrackbites. I am opening door 3 on my journey. Good luck Mindy 💞

  4. I've also been looking for door number 3. Have been at goal and a life time member for over 2 years now. But I've grown tired of checking in at meetings each month. I never stay for the meetings, I know what to do. Maintenance has been much harder than losing the weight was for me. I've had to set different goals for myself. I'm excited to see what where your new path leads you.

  5. You should move on if WW is not for you. WW is a program that has helped millions of people over the past 50 years and if your past videos were truthful it helped you obtain your weight loss goal. You have weight loss fatigue. I get that!!!. If you move on please stop using WW in your titles as “click bait” to mislead youtube.viewers who are looking for WW support and tips. It’s beneath you to false advertise.

  6. Yes! I fully support you on this. I get so frustrated with the scale dictating my emotions & mood. I love you and your channel. I don’t plan To go anywhere. When I reach goal, I want door number three too! I’m cheering for you on this. I look forward to being your pal along the way. Watching dinner with the Dennison’s next. Love it! ~ SusY 😃

  7. I will stay with you Mindy. But I am in weight loss mode. However everyone needs a healthy mindset and balance in their life so I know I can learn alot from your journey. I'm so happy for you. And thank you for sharing your struggles and your life with us.

  8. That makes perfect sense to me! I was on ww and lost about 35lbs. I like ww but I too got to where it was stressful and I was having a bit of anxiety at my weigh ins. So I knew that wasn’t healthy. I found something that works for me in Dec and I’m so happy now. I got rid of the expectation of loosing all the weight by…an unrealistic date or event. I now still use the scale because it does help me to know the number but I don’t worry about it. I am happy to say I have lost over 20lbs since Dec and I’m much happier and in control of my health. Thanks for the video today to remember the journey still continues after getting our goals!

  9. i am in the same head space as you ! i lost 100 pounds almost 3 yrs ago, and started strength training about 6 months ago and the # went up about 5 pounds and i panicked a little. but i decided to stop weighing myself and focus on how i feel and i also take my waist measurements. i am also trying to eat more intuitively ! it is very hard but i think it will be worth it ! i was definitely noticing some disordered eating .

  10. I totally agree with you because I am Lifetime but I left WW because I’m tired of freaking out about the scale. I’m learning how to be satisfied with what I’m doing and not the scale.

  11. Keep in mind that WW doesn't really have an eating plan other than limiting calories. I think the only plan that doesn't work well with WW is keto because of the high fat content. Low carb, paleo, whole 30, etc are all amenable to WW. All points are is a way to track the quantity and quality of food that you eat. Basically, you should be fine if you focus on whole foods and a healthy lifestyle. That is what any food plan or lifestyle should include. That's my opinion.

  12. I started WW with the intentions to only do it for 12 weeks. My last day will be April 22 🙂 I decided this upon starting because I spend ALL of my 20s dieting and finally found a spot where I was 100% happy than I let a little weight wiggle on with some personal issues and gave myself permission to try WW for 12 weeks and hit my comfortable weight. I was able to hit my goal 6 weeks in and since have def been tracking a lot more loosely! I think when we get Stuck in the Diet mentality we get too inside our heads! An app is not going to create the healthy goals you already know— it’s just a crutch to make you believe you can’t do the lifestyle without it ❤️ You totally got this Mindy!! Believe in yourself ❤️

  13. I am at the same place in my journey as well. I am looking forward to seeing future videos. I removed weighing and all food apps for Lent and it has been the most freeing feeling. 💗

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