What If My Spouse And I Don't Agree On How To Handle Our Child's Substance Use? | The Partnership

It can be a struggle for one person to figure out how to handle a loved one’s substance use — it’s a whole other issue when you and your spouse don’t agree on …


  1. Why is it assumed that it is the man who doesn't want to do something? In both examples it points the finger at him. I raised our daughter from the time she was eight. Well before that time we had disagreements on how to raise our daughter. Too often it is the mother who wants less discipline, less rules, less guidance. You can see this in the data from single parent households. More kids living with the mother have lower grades, more drug problems and are more promiscuous. That's because, in my opinion, the mother does things to be loved by her children. The father does things that need to be done to prepare the child for the world outside the protection of the mother, whether that brings him love on not. That's his job.. Not all parents but by far too many.

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