1. Maybe its just my technique, but I always find the 2nd time I heat a bowl is best… First heating is flavor and a nice but short lived high. 2nd heating is a more thorough and long lasting high. Then, depending on the vape in use, I can get 3 or more sessions. desktop vapes, most 1 bowl can go all day

  2. Hey question. I already have a vape but idk if you know it it's the Ald Amaze Wow. But I'm looking for an upgrade. I'm looking for something with a Max budget of 130 euro's.
    main important things for me:
    – Hard hitter (I hate reloading several bowls just to feel something)
    – Portable and easy to use
    – Something that's easy to clean and stays clean
    – Long life time so that I don't have to get a different one for atleast 2 years
    – And ofc flavour
    Sidenote, I can only vape herbs so no concentrates cuz of the law over here, they don't allow concentrates in the Netherlands 🙁

    Idk if this is an impossible question but I recently discovered your videos and you really know a lot about Vapes so yeah, why not give it a shot I guess!

    thanks in advance! cheers!

  3. Hey Pete! Any chance you could make a video on which vaporizers carry/create the least smell? Or at least are the easiest to clean? Really wanna get into vaping but don’t want to carry something around that always smells like I’ve heard the Pax does.

  4. Off topic of the video, but I just picked up one of your Switchblade bubblers for the dr. Dabber Switch, can't wait for it to arrive!

    You don't do much with that device, but the new Directional Cap makes a big difference. I'm hoping your Switchblade is better than the Ball Bubbler alt glass, cause I just broke mine 😢

  5. should check out the prism if you already haven't for your carts really dig the cart heater element to it literally warms the oil around your cart taking preheats to a new level works much better then the standard TCR curve that is the typical preheat using the actual coils instead surrounding it in warmth. love the fact it takes even my super thick DIY carts and makes the oil quite viscous and i haven't noticed a loss in terps pre heating it sometimes over 30 times in a span of a gram cart

  6. Hey Sneaky Pete, I just came into ownership of a DaVinci Miqro by way of a friend who moved somewhere where he really can't use the thing (awful, I know). I was trying to figure out how to fit it into my rotation and it struck me that given this model's small oven size, something like that vape press you featured last year would seriously augment the Miqro's utility for day trips (battery life aside). Any chance those might be coming back – with a mould for the Miqro? Or any ideas on how to DIY it? I thought I'd left conduction behind, but this would be something that convection really can't do, and that's pretty cool.

  7. that thing takes 4mins to heat up? a torch takes less time then that and lets not even talk about the 20sec my puffco peak takes to heat no thank you ps didnt you just talk about using ccells to show the function of those vape batteries and then go onto saying this is a great way to get away from ccell products I'm confused?

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