Top 5 Best Vaporizers of 2019 – TVAPE

TVAPE takes a look at the top 5 best vaporizers of 2019 to start your year off right, read on to learn more! Vaporizing is taking the world by storm, and as such, …


  1. TVAPE….if I understand you, basically the arc gets a higher rating than the mighty because it is a little more compact/pprtable?
    So if I wasn't too concerned w price or how portable would you recommend getting the mighty? Thanks.

  2. So you put the Mighty second? I don't think so! From the reviews I read and watched about the Arc, the Mighty is still the winner! The Mighty should still be #1.

  3. The Arc has my attention but how can a new vape be set above the Mighty in comparison? The Mighty has been the vape industries top unit since its release and has yet to be surpassed….so claiming as better than the Mighty has me really baffled…….The Arc looks great , but also very limited in temp selection, can not be used with a wpa , conduction heater vs the best hybrid heating unit on the market , makes it hard for me to believe your claim of surpassing the Mighty in vapour quality???

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