1. Try to use the best butane
    Uses clipper
    Even vector is a better quality gas….colibri is pretty good but overpriced
    You literal best bet…even fir home use
    Is an lp5 tank of a mixture of 75% N-Butane and 25% Iso-Butane…. most gas supply stores have custom mixtured. It may be expensive until you see the refill pricing….depending on your area

  2. Its not that hard to find info on that xD take fresh harvested weed freeze it on -80 + the butane and blast it

    Edit: u should try "tycoon" butane its like the purest lighter gas u can get ur hands on

  3. All that work to make beautiful live, but then you take hot dabs out of a dirty nail with no cap. Awesome vid, but you need to invest in a nice nail and hit your dabs at the right temp and use a cap.

  4. do all Canada stoners sound like they had a labotomy???? that Justin idiot that runs your country is a fag (British cigarette)…without flavour and a cheap knock off….fuck Canada (fo shizzle)..then you can sell whats left to 8th graders eh, or aehhh or what ever that retard grunt noise is..is that a canada stoner thing

  5. You have an amazing grow I think you would be better off pressing Rozen. And if you are going to continueWith solvent you need N- butane there’s a big difference between burning clean and being clean . And there’s no reason not to freeze your bud and glass ahead of time, It’s just more efficient for that type of cold solvent extraction. And I’m so glad you got the carb . Now we need to get you some q-tip tech and a 25 or 30 mm flat top banger (check out” 710 coils” on Instagram)

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