Seth Rogen Smokes Prototype Gravity Bong

For a guy like Seth Rogen, who has made it no secret he loves the ganja, and has enough money and resources to, theoretically, smoke an unlimited amount of …


  1. Tips: Gotta pump enough oxygen in that lungs first before you inhale the clouds, after you fully inhale hold it 3sec than slowly release short exhale 1sec than pull in fast short inhale continuously till no smoke from that exhale…this is to boost up that thc to the brain and the rest is up to you…haaaaha…

  2. You are not suppose to reflip it that causes the smoke to be pushed out instead of sucked out like a real hit should. Trust me your hits will be way better if you don't reflip it.

  3. If he took that rip from a normal bong, yup, that yellow concentrated smoke woulda been perfect.. but those several seconds the smoke gets to sit in there… -_- GG, wasted smoke

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