Scooter Braun’s Lessons Learned as an Entrepreneur & Lucky Breaks in Business

Episode 295 of #AskGaryVee with Scooter Braun was STRAIGHT FIRE! We take the opportunity to talk about: – How Scooter became the music mogul behind …


  1. @garyvee when brooke called i watched it free times and also have to put subtitles in to understand why you flipped out. But this Moment was sooooo amazing. You have to make an own video for this 10 minutes. I was standing up here and walking in my room because this situation was so amazing. I really thank you for the great emotions I got!

  2. Could've listened to this interview even longer. Had no idea you interviewed Scooter. I did a Tarot 'psychic' reading on him back in Nov. Here's the link: – I found Scooter very interesting in the reading as he's always looking internally to improve and he establishes really personal relationships (sometimes to his detriment) with his clients in support of them. Onto Gary: here's his reading:
    Of course Gary you can erase this if you feel it's not to be here. Big Hug either way!

  3. OMG! Gary!! Brooke on was literally EVERYTHING!! (That's the shit I LOVE!!!!)
    (& "Out-Oprah" me – ROTFCTFU!).This was your best interview Gary, and it was b/c you let Scooter talk. I challenge you to expand on that, increase that if you're interested in being out of your comfort zone with that. (I didn't know Scooter really – I heard the name over the years here and there but it wasn't until one of my viewers requested a tarot reading on him some months ago, he's super interesting, I found always looking to personally improve- internally and I saw he puts a lot of personal connection in with his clients. It was an interesting read which is why I will post it here. (If you're not ok with that – obviously just delete the comment.) Had no idea you did this interview as I've been "not watching you" for a good 6 mos up until lately – Sending major hugs and love Gary. You prepping Brooke for Scooter (and looking out for Scooter) was absolutely EVERYTHING! I truly love it!

  4. I'm a dad of two children and I am very involved in both of my children's lives. I have to say, that last call pretty much brought me to freaking tears! Well done gentlemen! – That last story needs a follow up!

  5. Just heard this episode on the podcast..had to look it up here just for the last call. Those two are doing everything right! We need more of this in this world 🙏🏻

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