1. Hey Jaquie! Hearing about your friendship with izzy is putting a smile on my face! But I was wondering about Janice? I get jealous pretty easy with my best friend 😀 How's she doing?

  2. CAN WE JUST TALK about how you are literally the most humble person ever. i love you so much. Keep Moving Forward <3 and good luck on the revamp!!

  3. Hey Jaquie.. ❓❓⚠️Can you tell me the brand of face mask you used to wear??? Trying to find on line but can't tell if they are as good as yours

  4. Ok, this may be a really dumb question but what is a Hippo? Is that another name for a service dog? I looked up but not found. lol. Am curious because also on the doggy shirts.

  5. I had a doctors appointment on my calendar for this morning. I was up all night being sick, so I emailed my doctor about it. Then I noticed online that my appointment wasn’t really today, it is tomorrow. I played an April Fools on myself and my mom (because she helps me by driving). Thank goodness we didn’t drive all the way there. Whoops!

  6. Oms!!! I can’t wait to see ur new Merch n I will certainly b buying real soon… would u consider doin blankets wit ur “keep moving forward” motivational massage etc for ppl to take in to hospital wit them n use instead of there sheets n also an Eds top/jumpers or ones wit ur motivational sayings on etc?? Xxx

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