1. Awesome that you're doing great! Zoloft is definitely rough. I tried it and it was was to strong. I felt just dead, like I didnt care. Lexapro has been a good balance for me. But not needing it would be awesome! You're doing awesome!

  2. I was on a large amount of Zoloft for several years. It caused weight gain for me. Then I was changed to Cymalta. I’m currently doing a slow detox from it. I’m exercising, taking vitamins and supplements, including GAMA, which is helping me a lot with the depression and anxiety. Take good care of you, Zeke! & Thank You for making a channel! So Awesome!!!😊❤️✌️
    P. S. Please check your messages. I sent you a Utube Friend Request.✌️

  3. Hey man it's good to hear you're in the best shape of your life it's amazing!
    It's been more than over a year since we had a conversation when I was dealing with really bad depression. It's great to see you looking better

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