One Take Review : Lost Vape ORION : DNA Pod system

DoSomething #GetInvolved #Vaping I legit fell in love with the Lost Vape Orion. The tank can be a little firm to get into the mod, but I honestly have zero other …


  1. How come whenever youtubers show mouth to lung hits it always looks like they pretend to take it back? 2.46 minutes in is an example, i may be mistaken but it appears as though you are leaving most of the vapour in your mouth and blowing it straight back out?

  2. I've been using the Smok Novo…leaky piece of shit. Going to try one of these based off this review and many other positive ones I've read. Just one question…how's the MOUTH TO LUNG experience? 😂

  3. This is all false. This device has two seperate modes for MTL and dL u can never access MTL becuz they have not made coils for this device above an ohm. So ur sub ohming nic salts. Exactly what every bottle of nic salts says not to do.

  4. Mine has only one button–not two buttons like yours.
    Mine has only the fire button (to hold when taking a hit). There is no way to adjust the power (I WISH THERE WERE!) and no Replay Mode (since there's no second button). This is too strong, it hurts my throat.

  5. Ayy team, this is NOT the Orion Q. do NOT buy the Orion Q. it burns the hell out of the pods and is essentially just a worse version of this for nearly the same price. DO NOT take this genuine, positive review of the Orion to at ALL be a reflection of the Orion Q's quality; youll be as disappointed as I was.

  6. I have the lost vape Orion and I can’t get good flavor, primed and all. Ive heard to comb out some cotton. The Artery Pal 2 has superior flavor, yet the Orion is the better build.

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