1. She is so talented. I couldn't handle her biting on her nails though.. but she is so much better off without that guy she was with. He has no talent what so ever and he's ugly asf

  2. “We can do whatever we want. Any of us.” That is the most untrue thing ever said. What about someone from many generations of poverty who’s dream is to go to college but who is only slightly above average intelligence? Lol I could go onfor hours but seriously, it’s kind of cringey how hard she tries to be “relatable”. Like girl, 0% of you is relatable, to anyone other than kids who grew up in Hollywood, and that’s ok (the older ones had semi-normal lives bc Dad wasn’t THAT huge outside the country world, aside from the one hit, but Miley was already the biggest pop star, or tween star, or whatever- she was Hannah montana lol- in the world when this one was like 7 lol & she was like a freshman in Hs during Miley’s wild phase… can u even imagine? 😂)…. so I thought she was cringey until I realized how insanely young she is. Somehow I thought she was at LEAST like 20….. so yeah, between growing up so uniquely and being a fetus, she seems pretty level headed or whatever you want to call it. Everyone’s “cringey” at that age. (Oh lol and when she mentioned the gardener and then realized that sounded rich and so she brought up Walmart the next sentence 🤣😂)

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