Miley Cyrus And Mark Ronson's Chat Death Drops, G-A-Y & 'NBLAH' 💔 | FULL INTERVIEW

Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson dropped by to chat about going on a mad one at London’s G-A-Y, their brand new anthem, ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’ and …


  1. Why do them type of cookie cutter songwriter/producers pretend they have worked so hard to create a hit tune"?? Its all radio friendly formular 1-V1-1V-V progressions in every song that comes out. They just change the singer and lyrics!

  2. Everyone is like "I love how she used her platform for the good" like you forgot how much she talks and sing about smoking weed, partying and getting undressed in public. Btw it's not a shady comment, I love Miley and her new song, but hey, let's be real.

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