Live PD: Large Amount of U.S. Currency (Season 3) | A&E

Officers believe they’ve barely missed a drug deal after stopping a driver with about $4000 in bundles of cash and a rifle case in this clip from “12.14.18”.


  1. He was so quick with "curtain rod case" that you almost believe it.

    Also, I have the exact case- it is $10 off the shelf at walmart, its not some $200 pelican rifle case.

    Is he most likely full of it- yes. Could I see some weird old lady buying that at Walmart to store some odd, long item… seen stranger things.

  2. I support law enforcement and I do think K9 help is needed in certain situations. However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog search and NOT alert to something.

  3. That last remark about getting him next time. This is what's wrong with cops. The dog also didn't hit on anything. He didn't paw it like they normally do. This is a prefect example of the dog hitting because it wants a treat. They need to stop using animals that THEY train.

  4. This cop is fried talking about "we caught them at a bad time maybe next time" like what do you mean maybe next time ? Why are you insinuating that they are doing something illegal just because they took back streets and had 4000 on them.

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