"It's Because I'm Black, Right?!"

It doesn’t take long to discover that I like to present information and footage that challenges popular assumptions. Well, lest the title mislead you this video is not …


  1. I've seen many vids of bs stops , this isn't one of them . This is a cry baby loud mouth bitch who has yet to experience racial profiling if this his her idea of it . Ppl get pulled over , stop the drama and move on ! She actually sounds she has racial issues of her own .

  2. They DO have to tell you why they are stopping you. Especially if you’re being “detained”. Are you delusional or do you just not know your rights as an American? Seems to me like a lot of people forget their rights when they come in contact with government workers.

  3. I love how when the sergeant was walking away after asking about the tint and it took her a second to realize that there's no way he could have been racially profiling her because he can't even see who was in the car she yelled back at him how she had the window down.

  4. Let's say she was speeding. Lets say she didn't stay in the lane. The fact is everyone does that. Everyone I see is going to fast and they cut lanes in turns. So if she was selected out of the others that is racist. Furthermore she got through the whole event without getting beat up,tazed or shot. I have watched a ton of these videos. Its amazing to see that she knew enough of the rules to not admit guilt, to show her hands, to give consent to look for weapons in her bag, to give her I'd. Over all it was impressive to watch her shit talk. The best part was "hurry up. Do your job". I loved it. Cops know what they are signing up for. They protected her rights. Even if they didn't want to because shes black or rude or a woman. They are getting paid to protect her rights and listen to her free speech. That was great. Cops need the character building experience of getting punked out and yelled at. They need to not give in to emotional outbursts or secret racism. She was rude. But at no point during the stop did she commit a crime or make it worse or get killed. That's great. As for the cop he got practice getting punked out. This makes him a better police officer. I bet she will drive safer. I bet the state gets some money. And I bet that cop will learn more about people. You see if a cop wins every single time and is not questioned about any of his actions. Some day he will start doing whatever he wants.

  5. She gets pulled over by another minority but she just couldnt resist playing the black card. This shit frustrates me because 2 of the best friends I ever had are black, and when losers like this play the black card whenever they quickly need it to get out of trouble, they decrease the value of that observation for people who really HAVE had to suggest it. Same thing goes for that cat in Chicago hiring ppl to beat his ass for attention, he cant unring a bell, meaning he cant undo the damage he has done to ppl who legitimately need that defense.
    My God, we already have enough hate, enough apathy, ignorance, misconceptions, assumptions, disinformation and the list goes on. We honestly dont need ppl stripping the worth of gender or racial bias and downright nasty-ass bigotry. I'm out mic drop.

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