Is It Time To Legalize It? | Random Thursday

After a lot of requests, I decided to chime in on marijuana legalization. But after sharing it early with Patreon supporters, I got a lot of feedback about issues I may …


  1. Your description is good on you. But I think probably the most telling argument to legalize, which outweighs all the downsides, is that keeping it illegal is doing nothing to stop consumption anyway.

  2. Dutch here, decriminalization worked well in our country. But yes they should legalize it. Not a user myself at all, tried it though. I don't like it, but if it is someone else's stress relief of choice then why not. Never understood the war on drugs.

  3. I'm with you Joe, either legalise/decriminilise or get proper medical based govt reports and publish to educate the public for future debate/decisions. I'm aware of some negative reports, but when compared to legalised alcohol…!
    Living in UK and fed up with daily knife victims dieing from drug gang related turf wars.
    Looking at criminal activity and alcohol prohibition and wondering why lessons were not learned.
    How can we allow alcohol/tobacco and refuse cannabis?
    Legalise and tax it, if only to reduce criminal activities.

  4. The real question is why do people take drugs of any kind? From my personal experience with people that take some drug its due to them not feeling their best. If we can't get pleasure out of normal life people will look for something external.

  5. The answer is always yes because the government has absolutely no business with what I put in my body. None. This isn't China,we don't live in a Totalitarian Communist dictatorship. We value freedom here. If you don't like that, get bent.

  6. …. – Talking about "down the white rabbit hole"…… MAAAN, you really asked for it this time >8+D~
    I got a HEAVY ADHD, I'm a declared weed puffer!
    I'd been demonstrating publicly and protesting publicly in civil disobedience, since late -80s' in Denmark, Copenhagen.
    I'm a public smoker, I do not hide it!
    But as a part of the legalize movement, this is too brief, not deep enough on (by the way very precise facts), too much openness for bla bla bal dogmatic rhetoric.
    If this post from you make any sense, you are like the rest of us, waiting for the cucumbers to grow, while we all awaits the next move in the space race.
    This is an endless issue, I suspect you are buying time mate >8+P~

  7. It is amazing how the paranoia went away when it was legalized. I started when I was seventeen on and off. When I started YouTube and realized how much work it was going to be I quit. I have on my other channel 1400 videos I did in 8 years. You cannot do serious work if your going to get high because the side effect, that our government loves, is the apathy that comes with it (it is how I deal with stupid people now). You lose your motivation and a good piece of your intelligence and yes I am writing this high. Do not smoke pot if you are a doctor please. Memory loss is also a true factor. I have caught myself going somewhere and having no idea why, daily now. My comments on your physics videos have been, Nope. Anyway seriously consider doing neither, it really does not benefit you in any way. Given either I would rather see someone high driving, being paranoid of getting caught makes for better driving than brash drunk idiot behind the wheel with severe visual degradation.

  8. Nice video! One thing i would like tho would be you stating if some statistics are worldwide or US only. I sometimes cant follow the content because i have to re-read what you ment and gives a worse watching experience
    Anyways keep up the good work 😉

  9. Legal or not it does not stop people from smoking it. I live in Idaho where it is absolutely illegal and people smoke it just as much here as Washington.

    All you are doing by having it illegal is clogging up the criminal justice system further and giving people a criminal record who weren't hurting anyone.

  10. I have always felt awful for the people killed, jailed, over weed, Especially for the cops who had to enforce a BS law. Don't forget 1930's prohibition was about Rockefeller's oil, and nothing else. Thousands were killed over it and it grew the Irish and Italian MOB, nice going congress.

  11. Well laid out facts on both substances, thank you. Should have saved it for 20th of April though, would probably get more views. Although everyone under 30 has already heard it all a million times.

  12. Great vid. Totally agree. In Australia we had the medical board holding back the use of medical marijuana even after independent recommendations approved of the use of marijuana as a medical treatment.
    I can happily say that in March 2018 medical marijuana was approved as a medical treatment.

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