1. I love weed but I sure do hate how insufferable “stoners” or “stoner culture” can be. Where the fact that they smoke/eat/dab weed/wax/etc is the defining aspect of their entire personality and their entire universe revolves around cannabis to a frankly bizarre degree. And they get terrifyingly butthurt whenever someone even so much as suggests that they not smoke so much weed so often, or that maybe smoking several grams of weed and taking countless wax dabs every week for nearly a decade straight isn’t exactly good for your health or – if you’re under 25 – your brain noodles. Just start REEEEEEEEEEing uncontrollably and raving about how no one ever died from it and how great and happy it makes them and how alcohol turns people into violent shit-flinging ManBearPigs while weed turns them into docile, pleasant, hungry Dalai Llamas. They also have such a SEETHING HATRED for alcohol (despite the fact that most of them drink plenty). But any time you’re in a “stoner thread” or whatever and so much as mention alcohol, as I said before they just go off about how vile it supposedly is. And then the pseudointellectual faux-philosophy these people who flunked high school, but watched “What the [bleep] Do We Know?!” while baked and did DMT when “Into the Void” came out and think they got it all figured out cuz they got stoned and read about FEMA camps once is just the worst. I dunno, I’m kinda ranting here cuz I used to be like that when I was 15, 16 years old and have hung around a lot of these types but god damn. And for a group who swear up and down that you can’t get addicted to weed, they sure do seem to be heavily addicted to it. Which wouldn’t be such an annoying thing if they didn’t constantly look down their noses at people who use other drugs besides weed and occasional psychedelics, addicted or no.

    Idk, obviously this isn’t EVERYONE who tokes, I mean I still smoke weed (less so nowadays though, cuz of a brief couple of years where I accidentally got addicted to smoking heroin and that ate up all of my weed money and THEN SOME…seriously…), but just seeing the kind of people who run the weed channels seen in this video reminded me of so many insufferable douchebags. Essentially, if the main adjective you use to describe yourself is “stoner” and your world damn near entirely revolves around weed and weed accessories and the embarrassment that is “stoner culture” then you need to seriously reevaluate your entire life. Same if your world revolves around any other drug too. Drugs are fun, but should not play such a dominant role in one’s life.

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