I mixed Adderall and Xanax, What Happened! Addict Shares Experiences!

As a recovering addict, I put together a video to share what happens to me when you mix Adderall and Xanax together. I am prescribed both for ADHD, …


  1. I have been prescribed Xanax since my son died in an automobile accident. There is no way I would have survived without it in the aftermath of losing him. I literally paced for years, would wring my hands until I had callouses, I started stuttering for the first time as soon as it happened , I cried, screamed and lived in bed. I felt highly suicidal. Xanax truly helped so much but I will admit sometimes I wonder if the reason I am stuck in my grief is bc I have been on it. It’s a trade off. I can sleep, I can speak again, I have some quality of life back. Another draw back is I am tired of feeling shame when I go to the pharmacy. They need to realize just getting there is a chore for me as it is. They need sensitivity training. I am not taking them bc I need to fly and have a fear. Not that I look down on that but I feel some pharmacists have a suck it up attitude. If they only knew. I do not drink so for me Xanax has many more pros than cons but everyone’s experience is different. I am of the belief try until you find what works for you. For me, Prozac was not it.

  2. Man, fucking struggling with panic attacks when I'm on the spot. Specifically when public speaking. I have to make an oral presentation next thursday. I'm going to mix adderall, klonkpin and propanolol. Any thoughts? Please respond as soon as possible. Thanks.

  3. I was perscribed both of these for years…..not an addict but took them as perscribed ( adderall 20mg 3Γ—a day and 4mg of xanax aAnd 2mg of ativan a day + lexapro).

    I am detoxing from tHese NOW under a dr's Protocal….I am being weaned off slowly with gabapentin, seroquil, vistaril, and 10mg of valium 3Γ— a day. Thre DR told me he can not allow me to kick benzo''s on my own because I could have a seizure and DIE…He told me this verbadem!!!

    I was in a center for 7 days well monitored and treated with the meds I stated above. Coming off benzo's after 22 years is dangerous if you cold turkey alone on your own without a dr's care.

    I can tell you it is pure Hell!

    Thank you for your post πŸ™‚

  4. Good work manπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ….what I'm trying to do wish I could get my subs shares view up I'm speaking nothing but positive but society wants negative energy's SMH…..stay true man😎πŸ’ͺπŸ˜‡

  5. Another great video. As an addict myself and also someone with long term MH issues, I can relate to this a lot. I take various meds and the risk of yet another addiction on top puts me off using my PRN at times I really should take it. I've found a lot of stereotyping and stigma when I come into contact with new people in services, they expect me to lie, abuse my meds and that if I ask for meds to help me when I'm in a crisis I must be just after controlled drugs for abuse or sale. It's sad, but I understand it. Sadly, the label addict can cause a lot of social issues. I'm grateful my regular workers trust me implicitly with my medications and PRN, they've seen over time that I'm honest, and they even say I should take more sometimes than I'm happy to, especially in crises.
    I'm so glad to hear you're sober now, you are a very strong soul to be able to do that. I've been off heroin 2 years now and it's still a daily battle. I pray you can maintain abstainence in the upcoming future and can continue to progress and recover. I think your frank honesty is refreshing too btw, it's nice to see someone just being straight up about how it is.

  6. The sad thing is that people who need those or something absolutely polar opposite of both of the two you suggested, for misuse…it’s wrong! So, say if a person takes a Tylenol for migraines, they will continue to take the Tylenol …. Same is for that or anything else! If it helps you and your ok, no problem! The benefits outweighed the harm a long time ago, hints why you don’t drive a car backwards! Makes Sense! 90% of people who glam over that or abuse it is well, shit! Misuse of something that is impacting millions! This is a perfect video that All Should See! You seem to be doing fine, and most of all not drinking! Call it for what it is but I salute you & anyone that has horrible anxiety and add/adhd well, you know what I mean! Another thing, your dosage of medication is correct and tailored! I can take 5mg of Adderall and be off the wall but not like other options, and nothing for anxiety has ever once made me sleepy if that makes sense! Great Video! Keep on Keeping On Being You & Helping Others!

  7. I've been on Ativan for about 20 years and Klonopin for about a year. A few years back, I moved to a different state and had to get all new doctors. THAT WAS FUN. Not. Anyway, one of my new doctors preferred Xanax over Ativan, so she switched my rxs. Worst. Week. Ever. The Xanax made me so nauseous and sluggish and headachy. Needless to say, our next appointment consisted of me saying hell no to Xanax and insisting on being put back on Ativan. Luckily, I had a very good, compassionate doctor, so it wasn't much of an issue. BTW, what camera do you use? Cuz we hate ours. Thanks, Eric!!! – Cathy

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