1. I smoked for 40 years, the last 20 or so I was a real heavy smoker at least 2 or more packs a day. I quit by using the vaping products. I basically did my own step down method with the juice. Every couple of weeks I diluted the 6mg juice with more zero juice. In about 3 month I used no nicotine at all. I have been nicotine free since December 13, 2013. I don't crave cigs at all. You might give this a whirl, it sure worked for me.

  2. doctor put me on wellbutrin when i was finding it impossible to stop but when i stayed on it and with out me noticing i realized one day i was not smoking as much. doctor didnot tell me it was for my smoking habbit , he said use this for your anxiety and try to cut down and when you are feeling better because i also had bad cold at time you come back and we will work on the smoking,well i started only having a serius craving 3 times a day at specific times like all smokers , but after being on wellbutrin i was able to quite fairly easy but i do smoke like crazy in my dreams so weird habit just moved to my sleeping then i get away with smoking and when i am awake i don't want it, i smoked 40+ years , i started when i was around 11yrs old . so you should try a prescription. thanks my favorite denture man ,you help alot of us new to dentures

  3. 6 years this month since I started vaping and stopped smoking. My thing now is the squonkers. Throat hit and flavor! lol. I remember getting up at 4:30 am and getting into my cold car on cold April morning. As soon as that cold hit my 2 to 2.5 pack a day lungs I started gagging and couldn't breath and vomited on tree lawn. The very first ecig store in my town was right up at corner of my street. My intention was to get one and see if I could cut my smoking in half. 3 days later I had my last cigarette. Tried all the other stuff and nothing worked. Vaping did.The first week was rough here and there, second week mainly just kept doing same routine of going to grab cig then remember I didn't have any. By the end of the month I knew 100% I was done with tobacco. Best feeling in the world. I usually make my eliquid and I am down to 2mg. Best of luck Bill, keep at it!

  4. I quit a 30 year addicted to cigarette s. It took me awhile but i wont go back. I have 5 years going on 6 on next year new day is my clean date. You got to go low on the levels of nicotine. I try vap stuff but i felt sick. I have mild copd because of smoking. Aand i was told by doctor i be on oxygen. I had trouble with lungs with vaping. My sucess was nicotine gum and i stand by them.

  5. I've never had an addiction to cigarettes, but I enjoyed pot in the 80's lol. but I have several family members that struggle with smoking cigarettes every day and I feel all of your pain trying to stop. It must be horrible. I wish you much luck that you can stay smoke free bill.

  6. April 19 will be my anniversary of quitting cigs and switching to vaping. Now every time I smell cig smoke it makes me sick to my stomach, I no longer crave cigs but I do crave the nicotine.
    If you are still using manufactured coils Directvapor.com is a great place to find them for cheap and you can sign up for a subscription type deal that will have them shipped to you on whatever schedule you choose. If you are seeking flavor I recommend going to rebuildables, they are awesome. And I recommend using nic salts for pod systems, its the closest thing to an actual cig and the nicotine is delivered to your system faster than with free based nicotine. Nic salts hit the system in like 2 or 3 minutes where free based nicotine take 20 to 30 minutes. They now make nic salts that can be used in sub ohm tanks at the lower nic levels.
    I started smoking when I was 12 years old, smoked for 23 years, after buying my first vape it took me 3 days to lay down the cigs. If I can help any one in this journey just please ask. I am more than happy to help.

  7. As a former smoker:
    So long as you use these crutches, you'll never be free of the cravings.
    It's like peeling a scab off a sore.
    You have to completely change how you think, to change how you feel.

  8. I have been vaping for 4 years and I don’t want cigarettes anymore. When I am around people smoking cigarettes I say too myself, I used to smell like that! Cigarettes stink!

  9. I quit smoking October 13th 2014. that's the day my husband was diagnosed with emphysema. I knew I had to quit for him and of course for me but it was by far the hardest thing I ever did in my life. You would think under the circumstances I'd figure it out and be able to kick the habit but no the addiction is too strong. I would say it took me 3 and 1/2 to 4 years before my body healed and I feel great.

    My loving husband passed away July 7th 2018.

  10. 😁😁😁 that’s the one I’m using!! Haven’t had a cig in 3 weeks 2 days. It’s made by Vaporesso. I can’t compare it to anything but the Juul which I hated. I will say, from what I’ve been told, Salt Nic works the best in it. I’m using 35mg or 3.5%. Your right it’s not the same as a cigarette however; when your ready to quit and you have the WANT to quit, it is a GREAT device!! I swore I would quit once I got my new smile. Glad it’s working for you Bill. Thank you for this video

  11. Have you ever tried the Juul with 6 nic? My friend has been trying different mods like you and he finally got a Juul and hasn’t touched a cigarette in 3 months. When he had big mods he was still tempting to have a cigarette. But since he got the Juul he says it gives you the same amount of burn in the throat that a cigarette and he said it’s also a life saver do to the Juul subbing a cigarette

  12. i been vaping for 8 yrs and i been cig free since then. the key is the right nic level and your all day vape. and slowly decrease your nic level til you reach zero. nic doesnt give throat hit alone. the more pg you use gives you the throat hit. i use 6mg nic with max vg for vapor production. my satisfaction is the filling of my lungs more than throat hit. i use the smok gx 2/4 with zeus tank with prebuilt coils which i make myself.much cheaper and i make my own juice. more vg is thicker juice more pg the thinner the juice. vaping also allows the sense of smell to increase and taste increases and your breathing gets better. and many more health benefits.

  13. Great great great vlog Bill this is my Thursday gopic for my vlog lol! Keep up the fight its hard i fully quite form smoking over 18 years n quite by vaping for 4 years to the day to start up again. But your right nothing 100% will replace it. Stay awesone sir!

  14. Im going today for my impressions for my permanent dentures. So right now I'm wearing my loose as shit immediates without glue. Haha. It's a challenge. I quit smoking cold Turkey before vaping became a thing and kept restarting and stopping over the course of 3 yrs until my youngest son was born and I just stopped all together.

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