1. 👍🏽 excellent product . Also look into http://skunkwerksrx.com Michigan based company, let's support our guys.
    Fico Junkies we help the cannabis industry get the funding it needs to stay in business, we are a Michigan based cannabis credit & funding company that's on the rise…. We've been assisting the West coast on all levels with funding & credit in the cannabis industry & finally decided to bring it back home to MI. If your in the industry & need funding or credit we can help.

  2. CLtv. There needs to be more all in one products, frfr. I equate those 50 bottle nute lines to all the supplements that the bodybuilding industry tries to promote to lifters, tricking them into thinking they won't have any success without every last product. Supplements, like nute lines, will melt your credit card, too. I'm a frugal mf. I only grow outdoor, in the summer. I use promix hp, and the same basic organic dry nutes, compost/ewc, water and occasional teas that I give my veggie garden. My harvests yield well (I use 20-45 gal pots) and come out dense and frosty af. I'm a total novice, but I stay blazed every day all year long. Similarly, I go to the gym. I lift weights. I eat like a mf, a basic balanced diet of meat, veggies, some carbs, and I'm pretty strong. I'll never win any bodybuilding contests or cannabis cups, but then again most people won't.
    Peace, fellas. Always happy to see your vids.

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