Gin Martini Cold Process Soap – Are you a G&T lover? | Soy and Shea

I am so excited to make this soap. The Gin Martini Fragrance oil was a gift from the gorgeous Ms Boo from MooBoo Melts and More as she knows I have a love …


  1. Love Olives!!!! Always trying different specialty kinds when I see them. Such a great idea for an awesome gift. Love how you did the martini soap! I will have to give this scent a try! 😊

  2. Try Isle of Harris fun. Made in the Scottish islands and even the bottle is beautiful! Rock Rose, Caorunn, Lone Wolf, and Eden Mill are all good. Also try Boe – a Scottish bramble gin liqueur.

  3. They are really great and making me want a gin right now but im all out, sigh! I love the pink gin and I like gordons too. Have you tried a gin cocktail oh my they are good and easy to make. Thank you for sharing xxx

  4. No, to me Gin tastes like men's aftershave and smells a little like it too, lol! I am a Rum girl! Like you love gin, I love rum! I don't drink a lot either, but I even enjoy baking with rum and using it in a few cooking recipes too. I think the soap turned out awesome for a first time with inbeds. They aren't easy, kinda like driving blind! Have a great weekend!

  5. Nicely done! Very similar to how I imagined a martini soap to look. may have to try my hand at it one day. We don't drink much gin around here more scotch. I'm not picky tho and would enjoy gin if it were placed in front of me. awesome soap and the fragrance was such a thoughtful gift.

    Enjoyed watching you do your craft. They came out nicely except for that one drunk olive.😍
    I was a bartender for 20 years and never got used to the smell or taste of gin. I am a vodka person, especially fruited peach vodka.

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