Feeding Cannabis to Bees, Cannabis Driving Laws and more!

So much to discuss!! NEW MERCH – I love to talk cannabis! You can follow me at these places sometimes too!


  1. its a good idea man
    go in with a few ideas then there is also superchats where people want to add to the story your talking about (news story for example )
    that you can read
    also think about uploading them to a podcast site.

  2. You know why your government actually legalized it…? Canada's main export market is to the US we are on the brink of federal legalization and Canada is the test country, and once we go legal your corporations like Canopy and Aurora and the other mass manufacturers are going to explode we just need to see how it will affect our society

  3. Israel has been testing the positive and negative effects for the last 70 plus years they are the reason we actually have scientific proof of the cancer killing properties and the medical properties in the plant

  4. Not only will the bees love the cannibas pollen, but the process will drive a completely scientific engineering of the most potent genetics on the planet!! Which will kill any private growing.

  5. People are brainwashed to think it's ok to drink but pot is evil…. To anyone with any knowledge that is a ludacris ideology. Anyways, sorry I missed live stream but it was great to watch regardless, keep it up! Peace.

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