Fastest Growing Industry In America Is

Forget the energy industry. Marijuana appears to be the fastest-growing job sector in the US. The US added 64389 full-time legal cannabis jobs in 2018, …


  1. Legalize, regulate, and tax! Organize and set up Cannabis Green worker-cooperatives so it doesn't turn into a Corporate Synthetic Weed Complex nightmare!!!

  2. This should surprise absolutely no one. People who have been using black market cannabis for years have understood all along that it's an economic boom just waiting to be realized. The growth we've seen up to this point is NOTHING compared to what is coming when the feds finally do the right thing and de-schedule it altogether. The one thing we have to make sure happens in the legalization process is that ALL individuals convicted of cannabis crimes must be set free and have their arrest records expunged. AND the poor and minority communities most negatively affected by cannabis prohibition must benefit from this new cannabis economic boom. America needs to finally start righting the wrongs that it has inflicted upon certain groups of people throughout its history and this would be a modest start.

  3. I don't think it's gonna be as simple effects as "people checking into the hospital because they got paranoid from eating a pot brownie". Now I'm not opposed to this, but I think there will be a transition period where stuff will happen, like increased numbers of DUIs because people don't really know how to handle the opportunity. The same with alcohol — there will probably have to be a period of trial and error before people figure out a sustainable way to use weed.
    It'll have to be incorporated in some sort of "ritual", just like eating and drinking booze. Nothing you do by yourself to get a buzz, but rather in a ritualized manner, with other people and friends.

  4. Not to mention the Hemp industry and it's environmental implications , a truly renewable resource , think about the trees it would save just using hemp paper products alone

  5. Kyle! That nefarious David Pakman not only steals people’s set designs but now is stealing your identity by posing as “Seltzer Kulinski”. This man has no decency or moral compass!

  6. The two largest Cannabis companies in Canada are constantly bragging to investors that robots will be growing their herb. And their cannabis is full of chemicals. Reject these huge cannabis companies, many small growers is better for the industry and for the consumer. We don’t need 100 Billion plus cannabis monopolies. Buy American.

  7. Yep, and I'm invested in marijuana stocks too. HEXO and ACB, mainly. Also, cryptocurrency.

    I've made a good amount so far, but I'm afraid of Trump's recession looming in the not-so-distant future. On the bright side, it's allowed me to send money to Bernie's campaign. I've sent in $210 over the past few weeks, from the modest amount of cash I have invested. Not too bad.

  8. Funny how while listening to this, i'm rolling up joints with the fully legal weed i ordered online and that was delivered by the federal postal office to my house. Ahh the joys of living in a country where weed is legal on a federal level. Yet the country didn't implode, crime isn't on the rise, governments on the provincial (state) and federal level both get taxes revenue and each time a new weed shop opens up, more jobs get created.

    Sadly the different lobbies in the US even tried to stop the legalization up here but since our government isn't bought and payed for by those lobbies, they were told to fuck off. I'm not stupid, i'm not saying the politicians aren't corrupt up here, but at least some still have some principles and brains to see a booming industry when they see it.

    God bless Canada, land of the free, home of the weed!!!

  9. Yo you Lost Cuckservatives. You lost like you did with the Articles of Confederacy vs the Union as the Anti-Federalists, You Lost the Civil war before the party switch, you lost on the issues of Slavery, Women's Right to Vote, Civil Rights, Gay Rights now the Drug war. And don't you try to pretend there was no party switch you will lose there too

  10. Hey! Kyle Kulinski!
    You should host guests. I just watched a jimmy dore interview with Andrew Yang. He has less subscribers than you do. I'd love to see you invite opposing views on your show and do interviews like he is.

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