Exclusive | Dr. Sebi's Family REVEALS His Death, Fake Products, The Betrayal, His Mistress, & Legacy

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  1. This interview was amazing Tasha! For all the people who want to trash talk you they need to know you are crazy and like to have fun in your videos but when it comes to exclusives and the stuff really worth giving your time and energy to, you are about your damn business!! The best out here in these YouTube streets!!!

  2. The way we live our lives on this earth determines where we going when we die, either heaven or hell there is no in between. We can't be down here on earth living for the devil and expect to make it to heaven. Read in you all HOLY BIBLES Galatians chapter 5 verses 16-24 and 2 Timothy chapter 3 and Mark chapter 7 verses 18-23 and Romans chapter 1 verses 18-32 and Leviticus chapter 19 verse 28. We need to get serious about giving our hearts and lives of JESUS CHRIST before HE comes back, once HE do comes back it will be too late to change. And what hurts GOD is when we know what we about to do is a SIN, and you doing it anyway

  3. I have to say I am shocked that so many people didn't know about Dr. Sebi until the death of Nip Hussel considering how long Dr. Sebi has been on social media but either way its a good thing but this has enlightened me of how there are so many using social media for no other reason but to be entertained when it can be used for so much more.

  4. The Interviewer did nothing but stick to the Drama, Of This Patrica person, Rather than focusing on the Positive Aspects of this Man, I swear I would smack her If I will.

  5. And notice how the mother fucker who sold him the last time, was a fucking latino!! They think they are "white" and they act "white". KEEP THAT IN MIND ALL YOUR LIFE AFRICANS.

  6. I don't know how true it is but they say these people were never diagnosed with a disease that they were just shown that they came up negative on the disease. So because they could not prove that they ever had the disease they could not find him guilty.

  7. They are trying to lead everyone astray by the synthetic weed they will be selling very soon. If it doesnt have seeds, it's not from God! Dont be fooled everyone! They made it to make you docile! They dont want an uprising for all the things they plan to do to us! Do your research! Things are going to get worse before they get better!

  8. Why is there 1,000 thumbs down on this video? These ladies are the only ones who know the real Truth and are telling it. They have nothing to gain. The enemies camp of the current wife and all their followers have likely been sent to thumbs down this video. Humans can be pure evil, but God and the Truth will prevail.

  9. I've known of Dr. Sebi for over 10 years now. I began practicing his methods after I was told I had diabetes. Eating right, fasting and etc is all it takes. Using natural herbs like elderberry is good. I stopped putting chemicals in my hair in all. Black people really need to educate themselves and wake up. We need to stop supporting big Pharma and these doctors. Why else would God put all of these natural herbs and resources on this Earth. It was meant to heal us. But let's definitely practice natural healing and leave these man made chemicals alone.

  10. I see why people want to sue you,you say things that are not TRUE Tasha K.Nippsey Hustle was a drug dealer and a gang member not a drug addict.Don't tarnish his name because he is not here to defend his self.

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