Dj Sound Storm Reacts to Asmongold "talking about" quitting Wow

Current mythic tier raider, wedding dj, and gamer who is real tired of everyone using hysterics to get clicks. I follow a lot of the biggest streamers in the game and …


  1. Look I understand if you want to defend Asmondgold but if you are being realistic and comparing the other models for MMO's I'm far from wrong. The entire point is there are lots of other games people will enjoy watching content for and I've even seen a few episodes of him playing Dark Souls and it is really entertaining! I guess I just don't see the moral ground to speak and not act. Personal view and it may not be popular but if we want to see change it has to come from the top not the bottom.

  2. people dont grow out of mmos just like you said people think putting micro trans act are bad for the game because they are and thats exactly what kills them its why retail wow is dead and will only become relevant after the fix the problems with the game and stop making the best mount cost extra that are not obtainable besides real life either token or real money its still makes the invest people and the devs ruin the game i know your just gona delete comments because it already says you have but from me to you i know you dont know the huge difference and it dosent seem like that big of a deal it is and the new players should experience all of the good and some bad things from old and not so old because its what made the game worth while before store mounts before micros before forging and before devs cared about investers and money more than the game we all deserve better game quality including you

  3. I did in fact hit Asmond with a follow and will be subbing to him as soon as I get back to my office! Man of my word and don't want to feel like I'm just reacting to his hard work for free.

  4. Asmongold, just mentioned "recently" since he now has a new girlfriend, he has not been able to play 18 hours. his words

    if the relationship flourishes, kids, family, etc. his time will be limited even further

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