Different Types Of Marijuana (Indica vs Sativa vs CBD)

Angel Teger (Ruby Doobie Edibles and Los Angeles Medical Cannabis Task Force) and Dave Rubin discuss medical and recreational marijuana, types of …


  1. As a resident in Norway I am the old fashioned world and will go to jail if use weed as medicin. I have headaches caused PTSD and a wiplash. I would like to go school / university in US to learn how to do this. Anybody have adresses ? By the way I would love to date her…beatiful intelligent brilliant woman.

  2. It's all about the terps and trichomes. A sativa can make people feel tired depending on the terpenes. Vice-versa an indica can give you energy depending on the terpene profile. I've had a 10% thc pheno of Mimosa that is a sativa and had a lot of myrcene. It got me lit compared to a 26% thc pheno without terpenes. Also depending on the trichome development a heavy indica pheno with tons of myrcene can have clear trichomes and that'll make it kinda speedy. Also you can have a sativa with high limonene terps and mostly cloudy and amber trichomes which'll chill you out due to the thc converting to cbn and creating a tired feeling. So don't judge a flower by it's thc level, or it's species, but instead by the terpenes and trichome phase..

  3. What good, good times we are living! Eating pieces of edible brownies has helped my anxietty and sciatica in ways that cannot even be describe. Haven't taken any of the 4 rx they gave me for it and haven't need to go trough the invasive procedures of epidurals with steroids (it was done twice a month). I am so, so happy, relieved and thankful!

  4. Are you aware of the Endocannabinoid System. This is a system in our bodies that regulates Homeostasis – this system is dependent on CBD and THC to function correctly. This seem medicinal now because we are taking care of a suffer deficit in our bodies now. It needs to be a part of everyones diet everyday.

  5. Its so painful to listen to her speak.. Uh hmm a uh . She pauses so much Im feeling like you have to siphon her words. Her thoughts dont seem very clear even to her. Ruby take a course on public speaking. maybe I should have smoked a joint beforehand .

  6. The corruption with law makers and big pharma is off the chart.In 2019 if Mr Trump and all his law makers are not on board with legalizing cannabis they will be out of a job.We the people have had all the bullshit we can take from these guys.Nuff Said!

  7. I am a MA Medical Patient..I love edibles..but even as experienced as I am..I still eat too much with edibles…and "peanut-butter brownies"….

    I'd be bedbound for a 1day before I finished the first one..never mind the second one…cause I like peanut-butter

  8. That lady is good lookin. I dont know. Must be the way she laughs. Her smile matches her glowing cheeks. Wonder how old she is. Betcha she was hot as hell in her younger years. Wow! I need more sativa. Or is it indica? Hell who cares, time for a dibble dabble zippity doo da hit…then back to the vid.

  9. I hope to see a lot of research on these cannabinoids over the next few years, now that the 2018 farm bill has released hemp and it's products from the DEA

  10. the lady has hard times to construct proper sentences and it shows that cannabis switches off some parts of the brain, like a dumbing effect…

    does Cbd alone does that too?

  11. Anybody else feel like this video is mis-titled? This wasn't predominantly about the difference between CBD and Sativa and she didn't really seem as confident talking about that aspect of things.

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