1. Cowboys need to save the money and not spend on earl thomas…. he’s 30 and coming off an injury and plus cooper, Zeke, dak, lawerence, and basically the whole secondary aren’t locked up long term and are gonna want big money and some of those guys are coming up next year… I would still pursue guys like Golden Tate and Marvin Jones to get a decent number 2 to make a core of Cooper, Tate or Jones, and Gallup but if I’m the cowboys I wouldn’t want to pay big money to either Collins, mathieu or Thomas and not have the money later for the guys who are the core of the team

  2. I agree with mostly everything you said but I think the longer you wait to pay Dak the more he’s going to cost. The price for QBs keep going up every year and with CBA deal expiring soon it might skyrocket.

  3. Peoples hate for this team is so strong it distorts their vision to how talented and well put together the team Is , the defensive chemistry is insane and vander esch And Smith are the best linebacking duo in the nfl and people keep doubting Daks leadership and talent , one day Dak is gonna lead this team to a championship one day

  4. Love them or hate them this teams draft history has been outstanding I think they get one more there super bowl contenders hats of for Steven Jones for rebuilding that team in spit of jerry

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