1. It's pretty easy to figure out why they changed their name, from a marketing perspective a "Dollar High Club" sounds like a cheap dollar store. Daily High Club sounds much better and not cheap. That's why 😉

  2. I saw you use the tank pipe in a vid you made the other day so I think you've caused me to be trapped in a temporal loop doomed to watching you hit that pipe over and over, Good thing I have weed.

  3. Those Clay stones are awesome! I use them for all my stuff. You soak them for a minute in a cup of water shake it off and drop it to the bottom of your jar or wherever you keep your herb. It keeps it nice and fresh! Not dried out and wack!

    I highly recommend using these. 5/5

  4. Hey man, loved the recent video with Tweezy, but all the condescending talk about how west coast weed all tastes the same and is inferior to new york shit is bullshit. Keep your unfounded opinions to yourself.

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