Consti-tuition – Episode 11: Health Care

In this episode of Consti-tuition, Meghnad tells you about our complicated and inefficient health care system. Why does it not work? Where is the government …


  1. During a personal medical emergency in 2015, I went to government hospital in Saharanpur at 1 AM and found that no bed was free and most of the beds were shared by patients. Can you imagine more than 1 patients on single hospital bed. There were mosquito all around. I had money so I asked the taxi driver to take me to any private hospital no matter how much money need to be spent because my condition was critical. I could afford that but most of the other patient in that hospital would not. People in India and specially in UP are more concerned about making mandir and babies and not hospitals.

  2. Lol wtf? How can you make a 20 min video on Indian healthcare and not mention ayushman bharat?? (It provides 5 lac yearly health insurance to around 50 crore citizens in india) started in September 2018

  3. Thank you Meghnadh and News Laundry

    Excellent extremely great job

    Let our fkn politicians and dog barking Media to address the core issue of health care immediately.

    Or else we don't need any fkn politicians n politics and government

    If they can't provide the education and health care we don't need them at all

  4. Nice work!!!. I think, funding, infrastructure and staff issue will always be there in health care system. Here the state government needs to be more active in addressing these issue. Afterall if we can fight with federal government for demanding new state, then state must take at least some responsibility for public health care system. There is no doubt that medical expenses will going to increase. Here the proper insurance scheme with affordable premiums could work if properly implemented by the government. By the way nice episode!!!! Keep it up!!!

  5. They can impose 28% taxation but cant even provide proper health care… This country is a fucking joke… But shhhh dont say it else you will be consider anti national

  6. In Maharashtra , i visited government clinic for my flu treatment , young team of doctors (interns may be ) gave few medicines and thier medicine gave me one or two more deceases .. after visiting my family doctor i got better in less than 2 days..

  7. Without infrastructure and doctors govt is promoting insurance. Like insurance is a replacement for all that. Funny that people buy this shit.

  8. Watching it after finding out that there is only one surgeon available in the district hospital of my town. Most specialist doctors are either retired or are in private practice. I usually visit my town once a year or less. And finding out that the only major hospital of the district is having lack of doctors and specialist shocked me. And we elect our governments. Wow to screw us over. Who is to blame? We.

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